Arvydo Guogio asmeninis tinklalapis

Research projects at home (including international, 1997-2020)

1. Participant in EU Commission supported project “An attempt to revitalize social dialogue and national industrial relations systems in some of the CEEC’s – lesson learnt and best practises in the way out of the crisis (VS/2014/0588) – expert for Lithuania (2015-2016) –

2. Proposals to European Parliament  for regulations on social security and self-employed social guarantees in EU:  researcher (2013).

3. Project participant of the project financed by Research Council of Lithuania and organized by Lithuanian Social Research Centre “The Transformations of the Welfare State in Lithuania: the Origin, Specific Features and Main Causal Forces behind its Development” (2010-2011).

4. Leader of Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation supported project „Interaction of Lithuanian municipalities and NGO‘s: the cases of Vilnius and Ukmergė district“ (2007).

5. Participant of NOBA project (2006-2009).

6. Leader of Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation supported project „Social Policy Modelling Problems in the Process of European Integration“ (2005).

7. Participant of (Open Lithuanian Foundation supported) project „ Improvement of social services rendering at Lithuanian municipalities“ (2004);

8. Participant of (Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation supported) project „Social and political efficiency in Lithuanian municipalities“ (2002, 2004)

9. Leader (of Lithuanian researchers group) and participant of international EU COST A 15 programme „Reforming social security systems in Europe“ project on globalization and social security (2002 – 2004).

10. Leader and participant of EU PHARE “Democracy” project “Lithuanian political parties notion of social security” (2000).

11. Participant of EU PHARE ACE project (1997-1998).


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